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NDB Antenna Calculator

This calculator is an implementation of equations described in NDB Antennas written by John R. Pinks and published by Nautel. The defaults are antenna parametrics as used in the article in order to give a starting point for new users. This is work in progress and it currently lacks options to enter parametric for ground resistance.

Antenna Parameters

Measurement units m ft

Mast height Radiator type

Top loading wire length Hat type

Loading coil Q

Carrier frequency Hz

Carrier power W

Ground resistance Ω


Mast Capacity pf

Hat Capacity pf

Total Capacity pf

Required Loading Coil Reactance

Loading Coil Resistance Ω

Loading Coil Inductance μH

Effective height

Radiation Resistance Ω

Antenna Efficiency %

Radiated Power W

Antenna Current A

Antenna Q

Antenna Bandwidth Hz

Carrier Peak Antenna Voltage V