V K 5 A B N
Berndt Josef Wulf - P.O. Box 501 - Nairne - SA5252 - Australia
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About the QTH

The radio station of VK5ABN is situated on a 5 acre property 45km east from the city centry of Adelaide in South Australia near the historical town of Nairne. Nairne has a population of approximately 2500 people and was founded in 1839 by Matthew Smillie who named it after his wife Elisabeth Nairne. One of the icons in this area is the Mount Barker Summit overlooking the surrounding valleys of the Adelaide Hills.

The Adelaide Hills were settled by European settlers. Many of the towships, such as Hahndorf and Lobethal, were started as German settlements by prussian immigrants. This area is renown for growing a wide variety of fruits, such as cherries, apples, pears, various vegetables and for the production of premium wines.

The radio station is about 360m above sea-level and has the maidenhead grid square locator of PF94lw. The soil of the surrounding land is a mixture of sandy loam, clay and shale. The property is also home to two horses, dozents of chickens, two dogs and three cats. Although not the hightest point in the Adelaide Hills, it provides a good environment for working radio stations in Asia, Europe and America.