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Wanted Equipment and Spare Parts

On many occasions, spare parts are required for the restoration, repair and maintenance of communications equipment. Most components are readily available off-the-shelf from many of the well known distributors and suppliers. However, some parts have become hard to find. Those listed below are the parts I require to complete some of my projects.

I'm also still looking for some pieces of equipment in view to complete my collection. Please contact me should you have any of the wanted items listed here for sale or swap.

  • 2 x MRF464 MP RF transistors
  • NF5102 n-channel JFET
  • 2N5116 p-channel JFET
  • Harris RF-124 High voltage fuseholder
  • Harris RF-590(A) HF Receiver
  • Harris RF-590(A) 10073-5800 A23 Audio Assembly and Speaker
  • Harris RF-590(A) 10073-6810 A20 Noiseblanker Assembly
  • Harris RF-590(A) or R-2368/URR Signal Strength Meter
  • Harris RF-654 Antenna Multicoupler
  • Harris RF-901 Phone Patch
  • Military HF modems
  • Antenna Matrix Switch
  • 3cm, 9cm, 13cm, 23cm (VE4MA, Chaparral) feed horns fd=0.35
  • 3cm, 9cm, 13cm, 23cm RF power amplifiers (TWT, GAasFet)
  • 1400MHz feed horn fd=0.35
  • 9cm band ultra low noise pre-amplifiers (NF < 0.8dB)